A picturesque small country called Bulgaria exists in Europe for more than 13 centuries, linking East and West. Bulgaria remembers ancient civilizations and great people who made up her story. Bulgaria - attractive tourist country with beautiful nature and hospitable people. Bright sun, blue sea, beautiful beaches, an abundance of fruits and vegetables. On its small territory intertwine natural attractions and rich culture-historical heritage.


Price: 46 020

Luxury apartments for sale in the town of Pomorie

Bulgarian Rose Gardens is a residential complex situated close to the beach and to the picturesque stripe, which separates the Salt Lake from the sea bay.

Price: 35 900


Perfect furnished two-bedroom apartment for sale. Located in "Aralia" complex with a swimming-pool and a children's area, about 100m from the sea and beautiful sandy beach.

Price: 35 900

Saint Vlas, Compound "Antonia", One bedroom apartment

The apartment is located in the complex "Antonia". The residential compound.

Price: 18 800

Price: 23 500

Price: 19 294

Price: 156 700

Price: 19 383

Sunny Beach, Compound "Sunny Days"

Apartments in athe residential compound with pool.

Price: 19 250

Price: 23 000

Studios and 1-bedroom apartments in the compound.

Price: 35 265

Price: 52 000

Price: 46 000

Apartment in Varna

Apartment near Vinica.

Price: 43 800

Apartment in Varna

Very nice apartment near Vinica.

Price: 40 969

Varna, complex CITY HORIZON

The residential compound is located in “Asparuhovo”, a southern district of Varna, 5 km from the center of the city. On the territory of the district there are two stadiums, cultural centers, schools, hospitals, and an active nightlife.

Price: 55 000

Apartment in Varna

Very nice apartment in a closed residential compound in Varna.

Price: 54 000

Apartment in Varna

Very nice apartment near the center of Varna.

Price: 50 000

Apartment in Varna

Very nice apartment located in Troshevo, a district of Varna.

Price: 50 500


Very nice apartment in the center of Varna.

Price: 52 000

Apartment in Varna

Very nice apartment in the city of Varna in Troshevo’s area, near shops and kindergarten.

Price: 49 500

Apartment in Varna

Nice apartment in Varna, in the city center near schools and kindergarten.

Price: 24 428

Varna, Pine Forest complex

The complex is near the evergreen pine forests, in an atmosphere of relaxation and fresh air and each apartment is overlooking the sea horizon.

Price: 49 000

Apartment in Varna

Very nice apartment located in the center of Varna, near shops, pharmacies, hospitals and other structures.

Price: 19 900

Apartments in Primorsko

The building is located 50m from the beach in a new area of Primorsko, which covers the northern part of the town and beach bar overlooking the residence of "Pearl" and the Strandja Mountain. The town of Primorsko is located in the southeastern part of the country on the Black Sea.

Price: 64 200

Burgas, apartment in a residential compound

Modern compound, located in the center of the town of Bourgas, in the fast growing and upscale residential neighborhood, "Azure".